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Let me tell your story

Although I do other types of photography, my specialty and passion is family documentary. It’s self-explanatory although many people may not be familiar with the genre. It is storytelling; photojournalism on the family level. There is no posing, no dressing up in matching outfits, no looking at the camera. I come to your home or we go to a place where your family can relax and engage in family activities. I spend several hours, or depending on the package you choose, the entire day. I document what your family is like at that particular moment in time. I look for moments that capture the interactions between family members:  adults, children, babies, and grandparents. Over the course of a few hours, the personality of each family member is captured in images that define your family: laughter, tears, tenderness, meltdowns, anger, and love, always love.  I tell the story of your family through my photography. It is like no other. The result is an archival collection that will become a treasured heirloom for you and your loved ones over the years in the form of a photo book. The photo book is your history, your legacy. Memories are best recorded in a tangible form, not a digital file.

My background is education. I was a high school teacher for over twenty years. I believe that the love for teaching and children enabled me to be more sensitive to  interpersonal relationships, and also to be a keen observer of human nature and the interactions between people who love each other.  

Call me and we can talk about your family and what would be the best way that we can tell your family’s story. Check out the gallery to see the stories that I have captured of other families. They are all unique…as they should be. Each family has its own story which cannot be captured in a conventional, posed family photo. I am looking forward to documenting your family story.

Patricia Solano

Vernon Hills, IL/Thornhill, Ontario